About Us

What is WFW?

World Football Week is an event in which more than 400 participants will participate to enjoy football in a holiday mood and it will occur between the 7-11 November at Granada Luxury Belek. World Football Week is an organization that aims to bring people together who see football as a hobby, a passion and make these people feel like they are professional football players at the same time.

Who Are We?

We are a team that have realized many events in our country and around the world. As a team that shapes the football world and completed many successful projects, we are ready to work with stars that have been in the national team and provide you a unique experience.

Our Goal

This tournament intends to emphasize the uniting power of football while bringing together people from different occupations and countries. The organization aims to be the first one of its field in Turkey as an event that brings together people that actually plays football almost like a professional from different ages and professions, and create an opportunity to have fun and enjoy the competition and victory the sport offers. The main goal of this organization in which lots of participants from Turkey and everywhere in the world will play is to become the host of friendships that are created thanks to football and make people perform their hobbies as professionals.

Designed to be carried out every year as an international football tournament, this event is organized for certain age groups. According to the rules, nobody can participate in the event if they are outside of the age range determined by the tournament board. Each team category that are formed regarding the age range or with the choice of participants, will play 6 games. Games will take 15 minutes each half, 30 minutes in total. The games will be carried out by teams of 7. 

Why Should You Take Part?

  • The tournament will strengthen the team spirit of playing in team sports.
  • As participants from different professions who can create business partnerships will take part in the tournament, the event will offer opportunities to expand the social and business circles.
  • All the games will be recorded with HD quality and shared with the team.
  • Statistical information of all players will be registered. They can win prizes according to these statistics.
  • You will have a professional experiences while keeping your interest and passion for football alive.
  • The organization offers you an opportunity to come together with participants from other countries and perform your hobbies and experience the competition in a worldwide platform.
  • With the tournament, you will discover your true potential and take part in a social and professional event while performing your talents that you already know of.