Press Release

WRITTEN ON 12 Mar 2018 Mon

Determination, ambition, passion, excitement, disappointment, sadness, joy, belief, happiness... You can feel all these emotions at WORLD FOOTBALL WEEK  

Amateur football players from all around the world is stepping up to the pitch at Antalya  

Football fans from all over the world are getting together for the game to not to cheer or watch this time. Turkey's first international amateur football tournament is taking place in Antalya with more than 1000 amateur football fans, between November 6th-11th, 2018.   

The tournament has planned as the ‘Amateur World Cup'. World famous coaches, legendary players and football celebrities will be at the opening and closing ceremony of this glamorous tournament.  

Organisation will bring different people from varied professions together and aims to make the participants feel like professional players and feel the enthusiasm.


2018 will be an unforgettable year for the football fans. On January, some of us will be at stadiums and some of us will be ready behind the screens for Russia 2018. On November we are not going to watch, we are going to play in Turkey's first international amateur tournament, World Football Week.   The event will take place between 6th-11th of November in Antalya/ Belek with over 1000 participant players from all around the world. Legendary players and football celebrities will be at the opening and closing ceremony of the tournament. More than 100 teams will compete to win the championship.


Aim is to create a long lasting tournament


By gathering people all over the world, the tournament aims to point out the uniting power of the football. Tournament aims to make amateur football fans feel like they are professional and to fill them with the excitement of being a professional.  

By aiming to be a long lasting competiton, the tournament have some significant innovations from other tournaments. For the first time between, amateur football tournaments, there will be HD footage of all the matches, individual statistics of participants will be held. There will also be film screenings, foot tennis tournaments, playstation tournaments and meetings with legendary players, throughout the tournament.


More than 250 games will be played, professional referees will blow whistle


There will be two age groups in the tournament: 30-45 and 45+. There will be also three different categories in both age groups: 5-7 and 11. All teams will play their matches with their specially design kits. More than 100 teams will participate to the tournaments and every match will be ruled by professional referees. One well-known referee will blow whistle in the final match.   

All teams will play at least 6 matches with more than 250 matches during the tournament in total. These tournaments will be awarded by cups for the champion, second place and to third place. Beside this awards, every single participant will receive special plate from the tournament for the participation. Individual rewards like top scorer, top assister, most clean sheets etc. will be awarded at the end of the tournament based on the statistics.


Tickets are on sale


World Football Week tickets are on sale at . After creating their team and purchasing their 'golden ticket', the teams will also have the chance to have great all inclusive holiday experience at GRANADA LUXURY BELEK throughout the tournament. Participant's guests have also the chance to stay in GRANADA LUXURY BELEK with players.  

By WORLD FOOTBALL WEEK more than 500 million interactions will occur throughout the social media. This event will contribute to the awareness of BELEK throughout the world.


About World Football Week


World Football Week is an event that will bring more than 1000 amateur players through 100 teams together. World Football Week will take place between 6th-11th November in Antalya Belek. Tournament aims to be long lasting by the participation of the legendary players and amateur players from all around the world as well as  aiming to contribute to the awareness of Antalya.