AGE 40+

AGE 50+

Every team who is aged between 25-40 can add three players who are aged 18-25. Two players can be on the pitch and one player should be on the bench. Teams who are aged 40+ can add 3 players which should be above 36 years old. Teams who are 50+ can add three players which should be above 45 years old. Two players can be on the pitch and one player can be on the bench.




Every game will be played on a grass pitch.


7a side 2*15 minutes. 

If the elimination games which are played after the group games ends with a draw, 3 penalty shoot-outs will decide the winner. If the final match ends with a draw 2*5 minutes will be added to substitution time and if the result remains the same again 3 penalty shoot-outs will decide the winner.




Professional referees will blow whistle at every game. Semi final and Final games will be ruled by professional famous referees who have uefa and fifa licence.


Every team will be placed according to the results of the qualification matches. Every team including the eliminated teams in the group will continue playing matches after the group stage to classify every team.


Every match will be filmed by HD cameras and the footage will be shared including the statistics.


  • Every team consists of 7 starters and 3 substitutes. Starting team have 1 goalkeeper and 6 players.
  • 6 Players and 1 goalkeeper must remain on the pitch at all times.
  • Reserve player limit is minimum 3 players.
  • Reserve player can substituted when the starting player leaves the pitch.
  • Young player quota is for 3 players. If one of them needs to be substituted the substitution player should be one of the young players.
  • One game lasts for 30 minutes(15*2) and 2 halves. Pausing time will be 5 minutes.
  • If a team is late for the game more than 5 minutes or have missing player at the starting time, the match will be forfeited with the result of 3-0.
  • Every team should be ready at the area before 15 minutes to the starting time.
  • Matches which will be played at the same pitch will have 15 minutes between them.
  • Final matches will be played two halves each 20 minutes.
  • Group draws will start with the participation of the teams and captains. As a result of the draw tournament groups will be formed.
  • Winner team will have 3 points, tie will be awarded with 1 point and the losing team will receive 0 point.
  • If the teams have the same points, first the match between them will be checked then the general average and if all are same a draw will be made between two teams.
  • If the match ends with a tie the winner will be decided by penalty shoot outs.
  • Every team will take 3 penalties.
  • If the penalty shoot out ends with a tie again, teams will take penalties in a row and the one misses will be eliminated.
  • Winner of the qualification match advances to the next round.
  • Rules are the same as official match rules. Match referees will blow whistle according to those rules except the throw in. The throw in will be taken by foot.
  • Referee's decision is the final decision.
  • Yellow and Red cards will be evaluated by discipline committee.
  • Referee has the right to send of the player and manager due to aggresive behavior.
  • If the player is sent off by two yellow cards the team will resume to the match with one player missing. But the player can play in the next match.
  • If the player is sent off by a red card the team will resume to the match with one player missing.
  • If the player is sent off by a red card the player will miss next match.
  • Undisciplinary behavior will be evaluated by the committee.